Building Community Value is an organization inspired by the rich history embedded in Detroit's many neighborhoods. Its primary goal is to redevelop vacant commercial space outside of the city's central business district (i.e., downtown, Midtown, and surrounding areas) to provide residents in predominantly African-American communities greater access to local business offerings that reflect their needs.


“We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.”  This centuries old phrase that would become the motto of the City of Detroit embodies the hopeful spirit that serves as a moral foundation for many of the city's residents.  The story of the once modest town that re-imagined and recreated itself into one of the wealthiest cities in the world in the mid-20th century is a well-known history.  Far too often, however, the story fades into a tale of decline, without recognizing that the core spirit that allowed that first transformation is still alive and well.

As its name implies, Building Community Value seeks to collaborate with community members and community partners to rebuild and renovate the kinds of spaces that are featured in the photos above.  By involving residents and local leaders in every aspect of the development cycle, we hope to bring true value to the communities we serve by responding to the aspirations of those community members who will be most directly impacted by targeted economic development.

3 Pillars Supported by a
collaborative foundation


By purchasing real property and managing each phase of the development process, we will create a development ecosystem that generates economic efficiencies.  This will also allow us to keep rental rates for entrepreneurs at or below market rates.


We will collaborate with other community partners who seek to match entrepreneurs with property owners.  In this regard, we aim to become the primary property source for business incubators and other organizations fostering entrepreneurship in the city.


To determine what properties should be purchased and converted to new uses, we will hold forums with community members and create other innovative methods to obtain feedback regarding proposed commercial uses of renovated properties.