Property Information:

Loveland Technologies
Mapping and data platform that provides background information on properties, including property owner, tax status, and parcel size data

Wayne County Tax Search
Property tax database for properties located in Wayne County, Michigan

City of Detroit - Detroit Development
Detailed tool for official RFPs issued by the City of Detroit, maps of city-owned property and zoning information, financing opportunities, and examples of development success stories.

City of Detroit - Property Site
Database of commercial and residential properties being marketed by the City of Detroit or Detroit Land Bank Authority

Michigan Business Entity Search
Database of business entities (e.g., corporations or LLCs) registered with the State of Michigan through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs ("LARA")

Wayne County Register of Deeds
Archive of deeds and other land records recorded within Wayne County, Michigan

Property & Comparable Research:

Public real estate listings, including a search feature to find local realtors
Public real estate listings

Listing of homes, apartments, and other residential properties for rent

Rental rate analysis for a specified geographic area

Archdiocese of Detroit
Properties for sale or lease by the Archdiocese of Detroit

Detroit Public Schools
Properties for sale or lease by the Detroit Public School Community District

Mapping & Data:

Google My Maps
Create and save multiple maps, including personalized data and information

Database of Detroit maps

Create concentric circles that can be imported into mapping programs like Google Maps

Property Praxis
Database of property owners who own multiple parcels in Detroit

City of Detroit - Open Data Portal
Database providing free data related to Detroit city government across all departments

City of Detroit - Council District Map
Map of City of Detroit's seven council districts

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation - Neighborhood Retail Information
Study conducted on behalf of the DEGC, offering neighborhood snapshots, retail construction prototypes, and additional information for commercial corridor opportunities in Detroit

MI Property Tax Estimator
Property tax estimation for properties in the State of Michigan

Loan calculators with amortization schedules

Community Development Advocates of Detroit (D(Community) Map)
Information regarding Detroit-based community development organizations and an interactive map called "D(Community)" which shows where organizations are located within the city

Governmental Resources:

City of Detroit - Rental Property FAQ
Information regarding obligations for Detroit landlords, including registration requirements

City of Detroit - Department List
List of departments within the City of Detroit, including contact information

Detroit Land Bank Authority (+ Discount Rules)
Database of properties for sale by the Detroit Land Bank Authority

City of Detroit - Demolition Program + Detroit Neighborhood Improvement Tracker
Overview of City of Detroit demolition program and Detroit Neighborhood Improvement Tracker, which includes building permit tracking information

City of Detroit - Crime Viewer
Interactive map that shows where crime occurs in the city by infraction type and provides detailed reporting.

Lead Laws, Regulations, and Guidance (+ Brochure)
Guidance from the State of Michigan regarding lead laws and regulations

Making Detroit Lead Safe
Guidance from the City of Detroit regarding lead laws, regulations, and testing resources

Tax Foreclosure Timeline (Michigan)
Timeline prepared by the State of Michigan regarding the foreclosure process

City of Detroit - Property Taxes FAQ
Guidance from the City of Detroit regarding property taxes

Financing Programs:

Detroit Home Mortgage
Multi-bank program to obtain financing for Detroit residential properties

Michigan Saves
Green bank offering financing programs that help Michigan residents take control
of their energy costs through efficiency and renewable projects

Historic Preservation Tax Credits
Information and explanations regarding historic preservation tax credits 

Michigan Historic Preservation Network (PDF-1 / PDF-2)
Organization providing financing support to preserve historic buildings in Michigan

Motor City Match
Grant program for Detroit entrepreneurs and property owners

New Economy Initiative
Grant program for Detroit-area entrepreneurs

Main Street Bank
Lending institution

Towne Mortgage
Lending institution

Professional Consultants:

First American Title Company
Title insurance company

PM Environmental
Environmental consulting firm, which provides phase I and phase II services

ASTI Environmental
Environmental consulting firm, which provides phase I and phase II services

Additional Housing & Rehab Resources:

Detroit Training Center
Home improvement workshops and workforce development training related to construction, heavy equipment, and residential builder licensing

United Community Housing Coalition
Local provider of comprehensive housing assistance to Detroit's low-income residents

Resource to estimate material, installation, and maintenance costs 

Resource to estimate material, installation, and maintenance costs

Brick + Beam
A community for property owners, tradespeople, and building rehabbers of all levels

Habitat for Humanity ReStores
Nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories, and building materials at a fraction of the retail price