City of Detroit - Demolition Program + Detroit Neighborhood Improvement Tracker

Overview of City of Detroit demolition program and Detroit Neighborhood Improvement Tracker, which includes building permit tracking information

City of Detroit - Crime Viewer

Interactive map that shows where crime occurs in the city by infraction type and provides detailed reporting.

City of Detroit - Department List
List of departments within the City of Detroit, including contact information

City of Detroit - Property Taxes FAQ

Guidance from the City of Detroit regarding property taxes

City of Detroit - Rental Property FAQ

Information regarding obligations for Detroit landlords, including registration requirements

Detroit Land Bank Authority (+ Discount Rules)
Database of properties for sale by the Detroit Land Bank Authority

Mi Lead Safe
Guidance from the State of Michigan regarding lead laws and regulations

Making Detroit Lead Safe
Guidance from the City of Detroit regarding lead laws, regulations, and testing resources

Tax Foreclosure Timeline (Michigan)
Timeline prepared by the State of Michigan regarding the foreclosure process


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