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2208-2224 14th Street, Detroit, Michigan 48216

Building Community Value always seeks to illustrate that true innovation lies in the imagination of a community's residents - those who are closest to the land. In that spirit, BCV has acquired three parcels constituting a half acre of dormant land in Detroit's Historic Corktown. This site is situated just east of Michigan Central Station and Roosevelt Park at the intersection of 14th Street and Dalzelle Street.

In becoming the most recent steward of this land, BCV seeks to build meaningful relationships with residents of Corktown and the surrounding neighborhoods so that residents decide what is built at the site. Inverting the typical process of developers presenting ideas to community members, BCV is facilitating a process where resident input is more than a rubber stamp at the end of a project but the very impetus for the site's use and its design.

BCV will also work with Corktown residents and community stakeholders to apply an equitable development scoring framework to ensure that the project reflects community expectations and standards for accountability.

Click below to discover more about the site's history or to learn about the equitable development scorecard framework and process.

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