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Patrice Brown

Cohort 9 (2020)

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"Rehabs are hard work, but I want other families and single mothers to understand that they can do this. Friends & family encouragement alongside community relationships is key."

Guy & Ajene Gailliard

Cohort 9 (2020)

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"We created Pure Legacy Property Group to leave a legacy for our family & help others do the same. We do things right & put people in homes they can be proud of."

Amelia Duran

Cohort 5 (2018)

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"The lessons learned growing up here fuels my desire to continue to develop opportunities for self-actualization through our collective sweat equity, unique talents & arts & cultural heritage."

John Zemke

Cohort 4 (2017)

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"When everything else is in chaos, private landlords right now have an opportunity to be the one steady thing in people's lives."

Ponce Clay

Cohort 8 (2019)

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"I envision my future as a real estate developer making folks aware of the opportunities available in their communities, instilling a sense of ownership & providing on-site skill trade training."

Kameka & Ty Grady

Cohort 5 (2018)

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"The "renaissance" is about the neighborhoods. Investing within the City helped us to achieve financial freedom & we want to inspire others to do the same."

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