Patricia Dockery

Cohort 9 (2020)

"No group or individual can do it alone. They need to connect with other people and share resources."

Kija Gray

Cohort 8 (2019)

"The time to build community is now, not just in crisis."

Corey Williams

Cohort 6 (2018)

"Our mission is to make urban communities more safe and more comfortable to live."

Damon Dickerson

Cohort 5 (2018)

"My goal as an architectural designer is to understand how to make the project function the best & look the best from the moment someone enters the space until they exit the space."

Doron Elliott

Cohort 6 (2018)

"I was fortunate that I chose a Detroit-based bank that was familiar with the upward trajectory of the neighborhood. When I encountered an appraisal issue due to the lack of available sales, the team opted to consider other factors for loan approval."

Jason Cole

Cohort 1 (2015)

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 1.35.29 AM.png

"My future as a real estate developer is helping others to achieve greatness."

Barbara Wynder

Cohort 5 (2018)

"This is our fourth project. We were able to completely finance it ourselves. We were able to hire Black contractors who hired from within the community."

Marcel Pearl

Cohort 4 (2017)

"Bringing more retail diversity to Detroit's neighborhoods will enhance walkability & raise values in some of the most dense areas the City has to offer."

Amelia Duran

Cohort 5 (2018)

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 1.40.12 AM.png

"The lessons learned growing up here fuels my desire to continue to develop opportunities for self-actualization through our collective sweat equity, unique talents & arts & cultural heritage."

Ekanem Obong

Cohort 5 (2018)

"We wanted to expand this neighborhood into a community that welcomed Black immigrants, Black immigrant culture & development."

Barbara Luna

Cohort 8 (2019)

"I envision us making a sustainable, generational wealth building neighborhood by bringing back the village mindset."

Corey Johnson

Cohort 8 (2019)

"When I take on a project my job is to give it life and make each property somewhere a family can be proud to say "I live here." 

Raquel Thomas

Cohort 5 (2018)

"BCV provided all the resource tools needed for beginning developers & was a source of inspiration for Interior Property Selections, which I co-founded after I attended. I saw a business case for a company that would assist the new & seasoned developer with material & finish selections." 

BreAnna Plummer

Cohort 5 (2018)

"Blessings come in disguise. I currently rent this home, but the owner put it for sale around the time COVID hit. I am now in the process of finalizing a loan to purchase."

Darius Smith

Cohort 5 (2018)

"I started by buying a third of my grandmother's block in 2016 and sold it for a large profit. I look forward to doing more development projects."

Michelle Lee

Cohort 10 (2020)

"My interest in housing & community development was born of faith. Faith initiated by family & faith shared throughout the Black churches that aligned with the hopes & struggles of our communities. The faith that one has to have to develop & desire to work within their communities for the better."