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Loan calculators with amortization schedules


Census data 

Create concentric circles that can be imported into mapping programs like Google Maps

City of Detroit - Council District Map

Map of City of Detroit's seven council districts

City of Detroit - Open Data Portal

Database providing free data related to Detroit city government across all departments

Community Development Advocates of Detroit (D(Community) Map)

Information regarding Detroit-based community development organizations and an interactive map called "D(Community)" which shows where organizations are located within the city

Data Driven Detroit - Housing Info Portal

Parcel records & census data by census tract 


Detroit Economic Growth Corporation - Neighborhood Retail Information
Study conducted on behalf of the DEGC, offering neighborhood snapshots, retail construction prototypes, and additional information for commercial corridor opportunities in Detroit


Database of Detroit maps

Google My Maps

Create and save multiple maps, including personalized data and information

MI Property Tax Estimator

Property tax estimation for properties in the State of Michigan

Property Praxis
Database of property owners who own multiple parcels in Detroit

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